EarthQuaker Day


1:00pm - 1:45pm

One-woman choir, Christa “Uno Lady” Ebert relies only on her voice for musical accompaniment. With a microphone, small mixer, and loop pedal perched upon a DIY lit podium, layers of vocals entrance, explore, and invoke emotions. Haunting, serene, and always captivatingly beautiful, Uno Lady creates spell like loops, spinning you into her musical web.

Her unique talent has been acknowledged with various awards, including the prestigious Creative Workforce Fellowship, Best Voice, and Top Band to Watch.



1:45pm - 2:30pm

Shivering Timbers, led by husband and wife Jayson and Sarah Benn (with various friends on drums) are classics in that great Akron tradition: they don’t fit into any category but their own.

Sarah is a captivating singer - part PJ Harvey, part Patsy Cline, while the nuanced howl of Jayson’s guitar work is the perfect mate to her sultry vocals. What’s more difficult to describe is the mood they create, which can, at times, entrance and haunt the audience, while in the next breath, invite them into a whimsical, foot-stomping play land. With a combined musical background encompassing everything from punk rock to gospel, blues to classical, Shivering Timbers have created a sound that is once deeply personal, yet broadly appealing.

Fellow Akronite Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys was moved enough to produce their debut album We All Started In The Same Place, released December 2010.

The band produced a second album with Brian Olive (Soledad Brothers) titled Sing Sing, released September 2012.

As work continues on their third album, the band has been touring the country, honing their considerable craft on tour stops with Shovels & Rope, Jessica Lea Mayfield, the Chapin Sisters, Kenny Loggins, Alejandro Escovedo, and many festivals, resulting in a live presence that combines indie rock energy, blues-punk passion, and country-gospel reflection.


Lisa Bella

2:30pm - 3:15pm

Lisa Bella Donna is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, modular synthesist, and clinician. She’s spent many years developing extensive techniques involving musique concrete, modular synthesis, analog and digital recording, percussion; and microtonal and film composition. She has toured the US and Europe as a jazz drummer and keyboardist and has been commissioned for numerous multichannel art installations.

Known for her masterful handling of keyboards, guitars, and electronics for Columbus psych/prog-rockers EYE, she has also toured and/or performed with artists including Ryan Jewell, Smione ßendfels, Elliot Levin, Rent Romus, Juan Alderete, Andreas Scotty Bottcher, Ellen Burr, RJD2, and others.

Lisa is also an official demonstrator of EarthQuaker Devices effects pedals and works as a post-production engineer.



3:15pm - 4:00pm

Houseguest is a band.  Was a band?  Was.  But they still play sometimes.  They are from Akron, though one of them now lives in California.

Consisting of 5 once-young men who met in public school (4 of whom are now losing their hair in different and exciting ways), Houseguest is Ted Mallison (vocals), David Whited and Doc Rich (guitar), Gabe Schray (bass) and Steve Clements (drums).  

In 2004, Houseguest put out the self-released album Talking Time, which accrued some attention from various online blogs like Dusted.  Actually, that’s probably the only blog that mentioned it.  But they liked it.

Houseguest’s connection to Earthquaker Devices stretches back to 2005 when Earthquaker founder Jamie Stillman served as their drummer for close to two years before leaving to become a guitar pedal mogul. He performed on their independently released 5-track EP Electric Politeness in 2006.

After Stillman’s departure, Houseguest was swept up in the signing frenzy that accompanied the founding of Black Keys’ drummer Patrick Carney’s founding of his Ohio-centric record label Audio Eagle, where they released the all-time classic album High Strangeness in 2007 and then an album absolutely nobody liked called Welcome, All That’s Difficult in 2008.  Don’t ask them about that record.  It has a few decent tunes but overall it’s a snooze.

Houseguest never officially broke up and occasionally play together when the planets align correctly.  Their performance at Earthquaker Day 2018 marks their first performance since 2016 and just their fourth since giving up on their rock and roll delusions in 2010.

Since half-assedly retiring from active rocking, members of Houseguest have gone on to play in projects like Relaxer (Clements), The Beyonderers (Rich), GS Schray (Schray) and We Be Breaks and Sh!t (Mallison).  They all have pets and 2 of them are fathers to human children.


The Man I Fell In Love With

4:00pm - 4:45pm

The Man I Fell In Love With is a mystery.

Active only between 1995 and 1996, the shoegazing indie-rock trio of Joe Dennis (the Party of Helicopters, Fringe Candidate, Ultrasphinx), Jon Finley (Beaten Awake, EYE, the Party of Helicopters), and Joel McAdams (Harriet the Spy, Stems, Beaten Awake) released a pair of coveted 7” singles and the posthumous Dis Yourself EP before fading into pre-internet obscurity. There are no TMIFILW social media accounts. Their discography is not on your favorite streaming platform. There are no Special Edition Deluxe Reissues.

Considered a lost masterpiece by diehard fans, Dis Yourself is a swirling genre-defining seven-song set of dreamy post-rock-before-there-was-such-a-thing anchored by Dennis and Finley’s breathy vocal delivery, cyclical washed-out alternate-tuned guitars, fuzzy bass riffage, pulsing synthesizers, with McAdams’ steadily off-kilter drumming keeping pace throughout what is arguably the singular artistic achievement of the 90s Kent, Ohio DIY underground.

It is our pleasure to welcome The Man I Fell In Love with to the EarthQuaker Day stage for a special (and rare!) reunion performance - only the third in the last twenty years. Don’t miss it!



This Moment in Black History

4:45pm - 5:30pm

While their name belies the fact not all of them happen to be African-American, Cleveland, OH's This Moment in Black History is an incendiary quartet who delivers fast, loud, and angry punk rock with a bluesy edge and a sense of humor that's clear despite their politically motivated rage.

This Moment in Black History also boasts an impressive pedigree; guitarist Buddy Akita has played with the Spasms and the Bassholes, keyboard player Christopher "CK1" Kulscar also performs with the Chargers Street Gang, original bassist Mike D'Amico was a member of the Teenage Heartthrobs and the Lesbian Makers with Akita, current bassist Lawrence Daniel Caswell also works with Lives of the Saints, and drummer Lamont "Bim" Thomas's résumé includes stints with the Bassholes and the Cheater Slicks.

This Moment in Black History was formed in 2001, when Akita and D'Amico found themselves living in a group house in Cleveland after the breakup of their band Neon King Kong. As it happened, the Chargers Street Gang was scaling back at the time, leaving Kulscar free, and Thomas had just moved to Cleveland from Columbus, OH. The four compared notes and formed This Moment in Black History, gigging locally and releasing their debut EP, The Cleveland Finger, in 2003. A two-song 7" soon followed, and in 2004 the band released a split 12" with the Fatal Flying Guilloteens as well as their first full-length album, Midwesterncuttalistick.

In 2005, D'Amico left the group and Caswell (who also helps run the celebrated film society the Cleveland Cinematheque) signed on; that fall, the band went into Chicago's Electrical Audio recording studio with noted engineer Steve Albini and recorded their second album, It Takes a Nation of Assholes, which was released by Cold Sweat Records in the fall of 2006. Extensive touring followed for the group, including a well-received appearance at the 2007 South by Southwest Music Conference.

Bio by Mark Deming,